For this week, I want to share keys for two sequences, 

The ice cave from the dragon mountain is one of my favorite locations both design and lighting wise. I think the team successfully introduced the evolved look of the dragon movie.

I hope you guys enjoy these paintings as well :)

For this week, let me share some keys for one of two flashback moments from the movie :) Thank you!

This week’s artworks are about the moment where Berkians meet Eret’s crews right in the middle of the ocean.

The first image is pretty much done by POV, Dragon2 Production designer but let me share it anyway :)

Thank you have a good week

Hello, let me share this week’s artworks! Another How to train your dragon 2 color keys! :) Thank you very much!

I was fortune enough to be part of the crew for ROTG back in 2011~2012. I thought the movie is like the avengers with holiday superheros so I did a fan art that is like Marvel style :) 

Admiral Yi, Sun-shin,

I did this painting about a year ago just for fun, and then this week the live action movie about him was released in South Korea!

Enjoy~ :)

HTTYD 2 color key series

The painting with the green ice is based on POV’s concept art!! 

Enjoy :)